Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

What is Morning Coffee?
Morning coffee is an inspirational message that is updated on your Real Pro System Gold or Silver* website on a weekly basis. See example

Why do real estate agents use Morning Coffee?
Morning coffee is a nice, friendly way to “touch” your data base (prospects and current clients) with an inspirational message. It is something everyone can relate to.

Its purpose is to keep you top of mind while sharing something non-business related. A soft touch… a kind thought.

How do you send it?
There are a couple of options for sending. You can go to your website each week and copy the inspirational message and paste it into your email stationery. Then send it via the “email blast” tool in your back office. For details on using the “blast email” tool, contact Client Care or view the online tutorial.

Or, you can write a message on your stationery and then hyperlink to your morning coffee page on your website. See best practices section.

The later of the two give you unique and current content that can be repurposed as blog content. (Great way to get content on your site and help with your SEO)

When do you send it?
You can send this message any time you like. It can be once a week, bi-monthly, or monthly. Just be sure not to send it daily since it is updated weekly on your website.  Keep in mind how many other ways you are communicating with your database and be sure not to overwhelm them with too many emails. See best practices section.

*How much does it cost?
Morning Coffee is included free of charge for Gold level clients. For Silver level clients it is $99 per year.

Best Practices
Morning coffee is nice soft touch to your database.  Please consider how often is appropriate to send. For some agents this will be weekly, for other it may be once a month. You don’t want to inundate your prospects and clients because this will result in a high rate of people unsubscribing from your database or even reporting you as a spammer.

If you like to keep your database informed with local, relevant information you can use the Morning Coffee as a “oh, by the way” message.

What does this look like?
Each week, or as often as you like, you can create a message that informs the database of current market information.

Example 1 (you create the message)

It was another gorgeous summer weekend here in the (your area here) area! The good news is that there are many more to come. There has not been much change as residential Real Estate. Home sales continue to be sluggish. The number of home buyers seem to be considerably less than at this same time a year ago. The good news is that mortgage rates have stopped their upward trend and should stabilize. The conditions for home buyers continue to be excellent with a very good inventory of homes to choose from and softer pricing.

And here is your Morning Coffee  (this is the “oh by the way” statement that offers to take them to your website to read the inspirational message.)

If you need help creating the hyperlink in your email, please call or email Client Care.

Notice you have just created current relevant content and this can be repurposed and added to your blog (Gold clients only). Now you have ongoing content to add to your blog section and which will help with search engine optimization. For tips on blogging see blogging materials in the blog section of your control panel.

Example 2

You might come across a newspaper article that talks negatively about your market, but you know the facts are being twisted and you want to educate your readers. (Debunk the negative news)

Utah Real Estate Market -- Salt Lake Tribune gets it wrong.
At a time when Money Magazine and The Associated Press are reporting that Utah is bucking the national housing slump, the Salt Lake Tribune is saying “Utah’s housing boom now a bust.”.  Thursday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported on its front page that new home demand was at a 17-year low, a story that included broad generalizations about the Wasatch Front housing market.

The Facts Are:
Go ahead and list your facts, or link to the full article on your blog post. (the more content on your blog the better) You also don’t want your “blast email” to be too long.

And here is your Morning Coffee!

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